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Month: February 2024

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

I came to realize lately that I have accumulated a huge number of online accounts over the years. Social media accounts, forum accounts, online services of every kind. Mobile app accounts, maps, instant messengers, heck even web browsers need an online account these days.

I have well over a hundred online accounts. How on earth did I accumulate all of these?!

We all know the dangers of giving away personal information to online services, even though we’ve become decidedly too comfortable with giving it away. Can you even sign up for a website anymore without it asking for your phone number, address, birth date, or, annoyingly, your mother’s maiden name?

But at least that is data that we decide to give away. Either you enter it into the text box, or you don’t. You create the account, or you don’t. We have an explicit choice.

Today’s online services are not so clear about how they get your data, about what information they collect, or how much of it they have. Services like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and many more, collect massive amounts of information about us every time we interact with the internet. If it requires an online account, …

*Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?

*Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?

The last post on this blog was in October 30th 2022, which as of today, was fifteen months ago. Fifteen! It’s been a moment.

When I sit down to write a blog post, I want it to be the perfect blog post – insightful, captivating, beautiful. I’ll spend days researching and brainstorming, writing and rewriting, consulting references, and endlessly polishing. I think what comes out in the end is a nice product, something that is worthy of sharing with others.

But there is a problem. I rarely end up posting anything at all.

I believe this is a common problem that most writers have in the beginning. The desire to not just write anything. To write something amazing! Plus it’s scary to put your ideas out there for all to see. What if I say something half-thought out or misinformed, and end up looking like a fool?

But I’m not going to become a better writer unless I write more often, and at my current pace that is going to happen… never.

It’s time for a change.

I’m going to start publishing to this blog more frequently. But it’s going to be more raw and unpolished than …